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This is the X-ARF Reporting project ("x-arfreporting").
This project was registered on on Mar 20, 2010, and is described by the project team as follows:

This project automates the reporting of improper Internet use on the X-ARF format. The two schemas specified abuse_login-attack and abuse_malware are currently implemented.


  • Fixed Bug in the xarf, there was a problem regarding the date / timestamps
  • Fixed Bug in that was crashing the application if there where no failed login
  • Realising that support the deamon mode with the -d switch. You need to have the  python-daemon package installed to use it.

Use me:

  1. Download and install the DNS Python modul. This will be used be X-ARF reporting to determine the abuse contact of the ISP
  2. Donwload the full X-ARF Reporting package
  3. Extract the content into one directory
  4. if you have the python daemon package installed you can use the application, otherwise you have to use the inside screen or nohup
  5. To report:
    1. ssh attackes supply -a "/path/to/authlog" then X-ARF Reporting will report ssh attacks
    2. nepenthes malware infections supply -n "/path/to/logged_submissions" then X-ARF Reporting will report the malware attacks
  6. Start the X-ARF Reporting by python or -s Your@E-Mail.Address -m "you.mail.server" [-a authlog] -[n logged_submissions] [-v] [-d]

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